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Pallet/Skid – A fixture used for shipping products. Pallet sizes are referred to with the length (runners or stringers) called first then width (boards). A 48 X 42 would specify a pallet with 48” long runners and 42” wide boards. A 32 X 36 would describe a pallet 32” long and 36” wide. Pallets have boards on the top and bottom of the runners. Skids are generally understood to be pallets with no bottom boards.

2-Way Pallet – A pallet with straight runners. A 2-way pallet can be forked on the ends only.

4-Way Pallet – A pallet with notched runners which allows entry for pickup on all four sides.

Heat Treat – A process used to kill insects/larvae which might be embedded in any wood. This is required for all pallets and crating used in international shipping.

Combination Pallet – A pallet built using both new and recycled materials. For example, the runners may be new wood and the boards recycled material.

Recycled Pallet – A pallet that has been used and then refurbished in order to be used again.

Block Pallet – A pallet built using blocks instead of runners to separate the top and bottom boards.

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