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Smartt Wood Products builds new and customized pallets and crating. A variety of woods from local sawmills is used (ex. oak, gum, poplar, cherry). Some customers require S4S pine for their crating needs. We refurbish recycled pallets and supply piece parts (boards, runners, blocks). Heat-treatment is available for international shipments. Inventory on site for determined stock levels can reduce customer costs and allow for short delivery lead times. Management of inventory at customer facilities is also an option.

The pallet and crating business is a very competitive market. To make sure customers are comparing “apples to apples”, it is wise to confirm specifications. Pallets are usually at the bottom of a customer’s need list. Customers do not want to worry about the pallet or crate that gets their product out the door; they just want it done. At Smartt Wood Products, we pride ourselves in providing the customer service expected…quality cost-effective pallets and crating on time. Just in time to meet shipping needs; just in time to maintain acceptable inventory levels.

Our history

Smartt Wood Products, LLC began operation in October, 2005, founded by Denise Hillis and Warren Wrather.

Denise worked in manufacturing for 20+ years before that company moved out of the United States. The contacts made over this 20-year period provided her with connections at other companies to discuss their pallet and crating needs. With a degree in Communication, Denise was fortunate to open doors to many businesses that we now call customers. Denise manages the day-to-day operation of the business as well as sales and accounting.

Warren Wrather brought pallet expertise to the business. Having previously built and sold three successful pallet companies, Warren was eager in 2005 to re-enter the industry. He and Denise worked through her contacts to build its business foundation and successfully grow Smartt Wood Products. Warren’s 40-year span of working in the pallet industry has proven invaluable with regard to pallet construction, quality, and service. He serves as an expert witness regarding pallets in Tennessee and the southeast.

Caleb Hillis, Denise’s son, is looking to expand the business by developing a presence on the internet and through social media. He is identifying viable uses for scrap wood, such as rustic furniture and unique home décor. Through his work, Caleb is adding a valuable secondary customer base and income stream to Smartt Wood Products while tracking new and growing trends.

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